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  What is provided,

If you come from overseas, we will pick you up from Kalgoorlie airport* and travel to into the remote central goldfields area of W.A. Allow at least 30 days or longer between arrival and departure. We will get you back to the Kalgoorlie airport town.

You will be passenger in one of the vehicles so your luggage and volume of your gear will need to restrained. Luggage space available per person,  work on 9 cubic feet or 1/4 cubic metre ( 250 ltr)
(not counting your detector and associated gear)

Accommodation consisting of camping trailers and or personal tents when in the bush. The tents are four man size although only suitable for single or couple. A single person will not have to share a tent. The tents are sturdy wind and weather proof but require careful erecting but easily done. Bedding provided.
Fees for caravan parks, Hotel or Motel accommodation (twin share) if near towns when we need to clean up or bad weather.

Duration for trip - 21 days but allow some extra time due to possible changes during 30 day period.
There will be several days for rest, wash ups and rejuvenation with all costs covered.

All food, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks along the way with fresh fruits.  Beverages of your choice with excellent Australian and New Zealand wines although they will be personal choices needs to be paid for individually.  Our Camp cook will prepare dinner at end of each day.

The prospecting organiser Bill Denheld will provide all permits necessary to enter mining leases, to areas that have the best chance to find real gold, and his choice is determined by weather, gold history, geology of the area ventured into.

We will be in very remote outback country some of the time that may not have mobile phone or internet access. We will have laptop internet and mobile phone access daily back at camp.

If you are in Australia and wish to 'tag along' there will be different arrangements. Contact us to discuss and details.

Not included -

Expenses relating to accommodation near Airport prior to pick up or after the 21 day prospecting period is completed.

Self Drive Campers for your trip.
If so desired, you can hire a self contained four wheel drive vehicle 'camper' for your trip.
See Links below - adds about $200 per day to the cost including fuel.

Campervan hire from Adelaide check 'Camperman Australia'
offer a wide range of comfortable vehicles from less than $100 per day.

Detector hire
. Should you wish to hire the latest Mine Lab GPX5000 this can be arranged from Finders Keepers in Kalgoorlie West Australia. Bookings for the hire are essential. adds about $35 per day.
Why the Mine Lab GPX5000 ? At the moment in W.A, the only machine to use is the GPX series.
The ground where gold will usually be found is extremely magnetic, and to date only the GPX can be relied upon to penetrate those conditions in deep ground. However, we are always open to other brands, as Bill tells me he has personally found more gold with an early Garrett detector, but he has not used the latest other brands. So please do not underestimate other high end gold detectors.

You will need to have,
Comprehensive personal travel and health insurance.
On commencement , you will have settled all accounts and indemnified the trip organiser against any losses that may be due to altered circumstances, itineraries, eg, timetables, dates, destinations, campsites, roads or tracks that may without any notice alter due to weather, road closures or any conditions that will affect progress of any plans.

Other issues,

While every effort will be made to ensure smooth operations, but while setbacks like tyre punctures and mechanical  break downs cannot be un foreseen, we cannot be held responsible for any delays outside our control.

No refunds will be considered on or after trip commencement or departure. If a member wishes to leave the trip for any reason, he / she must incur the full cost of transport and any associated cost to the destination of their choice.

Due to the nature of prospecting in the outback, we cannot guarantee exact return dates or times and cannot be held responsible for failure to make connecting services. We always build in a few days buffer for this reason. Any return flight bookings should be left open, so last minute bookings can be made accordingly.

Contact us to register your expression of interest for May, June, July or August

*Depending on trip date alternative points of pick up and departure.

Email -  info@elusivegold.com.au  

Shown is ten oz (approx actual size) comprising ninety bits found on recent trips along the way.

The Header image shows MineLab GPX detector with Nugget Finder 17 inch elliptical coil.