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  Trip plan 2018

Expressions of interest for our next expedition are welcome.
Your date preference will decide final trip planning and commencement for each month.
First trip planned for 1 May 2019,
 Contact us with expression of interest                              
Second trip 1 June,
Third trip 2  July,
Fourth trip 3 August       

Please contact  info@elusivegold.com.au for either Paul in the USA or Bill in Aus

In each month trip duration to be 21 days detecting.

Nine extra days allow for contingents, like rest after your flight. pick up, getting detectors set up, shopping, familiarisation, vehicle checks, fuel up, mobile phones -communication, etc.

Trips may depart from Adelaide, Perth, or Kalgoorlie depending on group numbers. If from Kalgoorlie, we will visit the 'big pit', visit mining museums etc. We then set up detectors and do trials to set you up and local trips to show the geology where gold has been found.

We head north, but depending on the weather forecasts and required permits we may reach as far north as Willuna and as far east as Laverton which is the most easterly gold region of WA. Around here there are several key spots that have great potential.

As trip planner, Bill will access the best opportunity to find gold. It remains his focus to find and work on virgin ground in accord with early WA gold history. Let me assure you, this will be no 'canned' gold tour. Like me, I want to find gold, and you can keep what you find. The advantage for all is the more detectors running the better chance of finding productive areas. There is a rule, he who finds has priority where he wants to go. We keep out of each others way if we are on gold.

The targeted areas of West Australia is so large it would take hundreds of years with today's metal detectorists to cover just the main auriferous areas. We are talking about an area the size of Texas and Oklahoma combined

Below, This was  2-1/2 oz detected by Bill in an area everyone had gone over years before. Perhaps Bill was lucky, but on our last trip he did it again. See my testimonial page. Paul



      Header image, shows MineLab GPX detector with Nugget Finder 17inch elliptical coil